Ground Penetration Radar Surveys

As well as the services you would expect to see underground, we are able to identify other underground features using our ground penetration radar. Unlike standard radio-detection techniques, Ground Penetration Radar (GPR) is capable of detecting non-metallic structures alike. This means that before any digging begins, you know what you are dealing with and what lies beneath your site.

GPR Surveys

We offer GPR surveys to clients throughout the UK who require a more detailed look into subterranean features, some of which may include:

• Underground Fuel Tanks or pipes
• Underground Voids
• Buried Structures such as old foundations
• Rebar or Concrete Reinforcing Bars
• Non-Metallic Utilities such as Plastic or Fibre Optic Services
• Pile Cap & piling

GPR surveys are not limited to these types of structures and will provide you with a detailed overview of whatever sits below your site.

Underground Utilities Mapping

When it comes to working below ground, in this day and age, knowing what is below your site is crucial to the progress of any works being undertaken. Utilities mapping using GPR means that you can avoid any unexpected structures meaning the timescales of a project can be more accurately measured. This saves you time but also money.


CCTV Drainage surveys

Going one step further, we are also able to provide you with CCTV drain surveys which allow you to see what sort of condition the drains are currently in before and digging begins. The footage is then provided to you ready for assessment, giving you the knowledge of what you are dealing with before any works take place.

Utility Detection Technology

The image below gives you an basic idea of what you can expect from a GPR utility detection survey.

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